Available courses

Kingdom of Fear Kingdom of Power is a ten-week course co-taught by 12 teachers from 10 countries.  The presentations are in English and Spanish.  The course will cover animism and animistic practices from around the world and teaches how to address it biblically.

Students will be placed into discussion groups.  For those in the Houston area, you have the option of being part of a discussion group that meets live.  

Also for those in the Houston area:

  • There will be several outings to animistic sites in the city.
  • There will be a potluck at the end.


If you are interested in taking this course online, you may register here.  The cost for the course is $15.00.


  • Brian Hébert - USA
  • Alherry Dogonyaro - Nigeria 
  • Andreé Alberici - Gabon
  • Valdi Tatan - Indonesia
  • Luis and Patricia - Venezuela 
  • Al Bailey - U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Bao Nguyen - Vietnam 
  • Paul Simon - Haiti
  • Tony Kolluri - India 
  • Margarita Ocampo - Mexico
  • Jeff Adams - USA
  • Michael Holmquist - USA
  • Robyn Cash - USA (Teaching Assistant for the online course)


  • Hector Mena - Mexico
  • Rick Mena - Mexico
  • Nicole Ciccottii de Oseguera - USA
  • Shelly Cervantes - USA
  • Carlos Olivares - Panama